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Impressive Weekly Animal Pictures: 4 July 2011

Each week, people continue to discover amazing animal pictures and photographers have shot numerous impressive images about lovely animals and their actions that can help you experience different levels of emotional feeling. Let's take a look at the following impressive animal photos of the previous week (1 July 2011).

Peter Smith from Long Stratton, Norfolk has excellently captured the shot. This amazing cat was relaxing on the small television aerial 20ft in the air for three hours. Later, the cat was falling off the roof. The photographer said, “I think it must have been chasing a bird across the roof and fallen off. It was very scared and clinging on for dear life as the aerial is quite flimsy.”

The piture is taken by Peter Smith

A cat sits on a balcony railing 17 storeys high above the Chilean capital, Santiago

A Siberian brown bear named Buyan takes a shower in his enclosure at Russia's Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk

Mark Dumas takes picture with a polar bear named Agee in Canada which was raised by him since she was six weeks old

Mother Clover embraces the newly born primate baby at Melbourne Zoo


A kingfisher makes a perfect reflection as it dives into the water of River Alde in Suffolk

A young gelada baoon tries to get out of his cage in Edinburgh Zoo. This small animal is considered to be Hollywood counterpart by staff

A four-year-old elk takes a drowning tiny marmot out of the pail in Pocatello Zoo, Idaho. The elk also makes sure that the marmot is alive before seeing it running into the bushes

Two grizzly bears are fighting over to have a fish in Katmai, Alaska. The picture is taken by wildlife photographer Andy Rouse in Alaska

Pierre Thivillon poses with a gorilla named Digit at his bedroom window. He is the owner of Saint-Martin-la-Plaine zoo

Amateur photographer Hendro Hioe takes a picture of a monk grapping a tiger cub by its tail

Reader Tom Needham clearly shows off how a yellow-sided conure deals with the hot summer weather


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