Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Impressive Weekly Animal Pictures: 06 June 2011

You know, every walk of life is comprehensively reflected through the lens of photographs per day. Meanwhile, seven days ago, many impressive and funny photographs of animals all over the world were taken by professional photographers. From the following pictures, all of us will experience the feeling that animals also have various particular emotions like happiness, sadness, anger and so on. The images of their diversified and colorful world help us enhance our knowledge and know how lovely animals express their feelings. Let’s take a look at the following impressive animal images of the previous week.

Augo, the Polar bear, is hugging and playing with his ball at Aalborg Zoo (Denmark)

Pandora, an orphaned brown bear from Angoon Alaska, stands next to a post at the Bear sanctuary in Sitka Alaska before being taken to Montana

A bear named Medo who was adopted by the Logar family a month ago is playing with Logar in Podvrh village, Slovenia

A three-week-old baby elephant  is playing in the mud at the zoo in Munich, southern Germany

Eleanor, a greedy chipmunk enjoys a corn in Ontario, Canada. The photo is taken by a photographer Barbara Lynne

Photographer Sergey Kotelnikov is shocked when this leopard jumps onto the roof of his car in Namibia. The picture is taken by Sergey Ivanov

The inside of a hippo mouth was shot by photographer Gorazd Golob in Kruger Park, South Africa

Gary Bowden and Sophie, his three-year-old daughter are standing next to Field Marshall, Britain's biggest bull with the weight of 1.5 tons in Weston-Super-Mare, England

A German Shepherd dog is walking with a one-month-old puppy in a basket in the southern Chinese town of Ronggui

Three hard working ants are lifting chilli peppers over their heads on the way to their nest in South Kalimantan, Indonesia. The photo is taken by 21-year-old photographer Yahya Taufikurrahman

Impressive animal pictures of the week: 6 June 2011


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