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Weekly Impressive Animal Pictures: August 29, 2011

The pictures of an ambush bug eating fluids on the body of a small fly, a dog feeding her own puppies and two liger cubs, a dog sitting on the front seat of a car with his owner, the picture of two foxes biting and scratching each other, and etc are the most impressive animal pictures of the previous week.

The photo below is about an elusive Highland Tiger or Scottish Wildcat. The animal was pictured by the nature photographer Peter Cairns in Cairngorms National Park in Scotland. Peter Cairns, 48, from Kingussie said that if more people are made aware of this national icon, its future will be decidedly certain. Peter also said that not many people realize the animal exists because it is very rare and elusive, so it is hard for them to relate and care for something that they don’t know about existence.

This is an elusive Highland Tiger or Scottish Wildcat

An ambush bug eats fluids on the body of a small fly while perching on a wildflower in a city park in Roseburg, Oregon, America

A lion was photographed yawning in its enclosure at the Zoom zoo in Gelsenkirchen, western Germany

Lemurs have a tea party at Drusillas Park in East Sussex

A zoo keeper from China is trying to awaken the natural hunting instincts of a tiger cub with a plastic model of a deer

A female dog was seen feeding piglets in Camaguey, a city and municipality in central Cuba

A dog from Ningbo, eastern China becomes mother of her own puppies and two tiger cubs, which are a cross between a tiger and a lion

The nose of the one-year-old panda Fu Hu from the Schoenbrunn Zoo in Vienna gets stuck in a container on his birthday

Dog "Mo" sits on the front seat of a car with his owner as they leave a supermarket in Gelsenkirchen, Germany

A cat looks at a five-month-old chicken with no feathers in Laoshan, northern China's Shandong Province

These two foxes were biting and scratching each other while they were pictured by photographer Willem de Kok near Haarlem in the Netherlands.


Dog takes over tiger cub feeding duty


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