Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Impressive Weekly Animal Pictures: June 19 ? 25

The images of a lion cub playing with its mother’s tail, an overweighed dog playing with a baby, a hippo mother swimming with her calf, an elephant playing with a ball at a safari park and so on are some of the most impressive animal photos of the week from June 19 - 25:

The six-month-old twin Asiatic lion cubs born on Christmas Eve from the Bristol Zoo are growing up quickly. Asiatic lions are named as endangered animals, and the birth of these two cubs was considered as a conservation breeding success for this species.

Six-month-old twin Asiatic lion cubs

Two tigers fight in Ranthambhore National Park in Rajasthan, India

At 85kg, the black dog is so fat that he cannot be safely exercised. Sampson (his name) is so overweight and he can’t comfortably fit on a normal shelter

These seven cute meerkats were seen at the Seattle Zoo in Washington

A hippo mother and her calf swim with each other at the San Diego Zoo in the United States

A newborn giraffe calf lies inside its enclosure at the zoo in Muenster, Germany

A cute lion cub was seen playing with its mother tail at the Hagenbeck zoo in the amazing city of Hamburg in Germany

These two adorable puppies were born at Featherdale Wildlife Park in Sydney. Five others dingo puppies are also ready to see the public after learning the ropes from their dad Ernie and mum Tia

This little bear cub has been raised by a farmer in Yukong village in Sichuan province of China. The farmer has been taking care of twin black bears, one male and one female, at his house since April after discovering them on his farm.

The bear cub hides behind the farmer’s legs

An elephant plays with a ball at the safari park in Hodenhagen, Lower-Saxony

A giant gorilla Vimoto climbs a tree at the zoo in Wuppertal, Germany

This is an impressive image of pigs during their race at the Alameda County Fair in Pleasanton, California

Impressive Weekly Animal Pictures: June 19 – 25: Crazy Speedy Pig Races


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