Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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People Search is one of the best ways to search out and reconnect with family, old friends, relatives. In the people search service, you will information like phone numbers, address history, ages, birthdates, household members and more.

Properties that are rented for short terms, whether for a few days or for a month or two often require consideration of issues not of concern for regular rentals. These unique characteristics create concerns for the owner and/or property manager in addition to all those that apply to longer-term unfurnished properties.

Want to know who is calling to you or your family? Then, simply take service of Reverse cell phone number in which you will get report that includes name, phone owner details, and more for any cell phone, unlisted, non-published, or other phone numbers. Aside to that, you will also enjoy service of online background check, online people searches and many others.

In view of the short rental terms and the expense and hassle of repeatedly turning all the utility services on and off, the owner must usually provide telephone, CATV, electricity/gas, water, trash removal, and any other necessary utility service in his own name.

This is particularly important with long-distance telephone service where the potential expense is almost unlimited.

It can be difficult to collect for charges made to your phone bill by tenants. If the property is not regularly occupied, consideration should also be given to the various other utility services. For long-term vacancies, one may consider having certain services temporarily disconnected.

If the property will be vacant for an extended period, the circuit breaker for any electric water heater should be turned off. For a gas water heater without electronic ignition, the best approach might be to have the departing tenant turn down the thermostat rather than turn the heater off. If electricity is not to be discontinued or be turned off at the main breaker, you must also be sure that departing tenants turn off air conditioning and heating systems at the thermostat control.

Be sure to provide a list of maintenance vendors that the tenant can call in case of emergency if he cannot immediately reach you or your agent. You should at least provide vendors for the plumbing and heating/cooling trades. You must utilize a cleaning service that can be relied on to perform adequately and in a timely manner on specific scheduled times between tenants.

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