Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Phone Wallpaper

The origin of the mobile phone wallpaper

Mobile phone screen is the main entrance and mobile phone conversation, also is the man-machine interactive graphic user interface. It mainly divided into: common icon, system menu, the task bar and the background picture. Along with the development of mobile phone technology, from black and white to color screen, the handset standby desktop no longer consists of a single color composition, but can use a picture to replace, the pieces of wallpaper and call phone wallpaper. Mobile phone screen wallpaper is the use of the background picture, can according to size and resolution to do some adjustment. Mobile phone wallpaper let our mobile phones look better, more beautiful and more personality.

Phone wallpaper format

Most of the mobile phone of general support image formats: JPG (static picture)、GIF (dynamic picture); And a small mobile phone support: WBMP, PNG, BMP image format and so on.

Mobile phone wallpaper size classification

From the picture size: there are many sizes, but now the most popular in a network of 240 x320, or 240 x400, 320 x480、480 x400 and so on.

1、240 x320 pixel resolution (namely: QVGA) : At present most of the current mobile phone model used by the screen resolution.

2、240 x400 pixel resolution (namely: HVGA): Now most widescreen mobile phone models use of screen resolution.

3、320 X 480 pixel resolution (namely: HVGA):Apple’s iPhone、iPhone3G、iPhone3GS mobile phone, and part of Google Android models use the resolution of the screen.

4、360 x640 pixel resolution:At present Symbian S60 fifth edition mobile phone model used by the screen resolution.

5、480 x640 pixel resolution(namely: VGA)

6、480 x800 pixel resolution(namely: WVGA)

7、640 x960 pixel resolution: Apple’s mobile phone use the iPhone4 model of the display screen resolution, precision is four times as contrast, iPhone3GS as high as 800:1, is by far the highest in fine series iPhone screen.

Download the pictures into cell phones way

There are two ways:

1、User directly download the picture phone, this is the user through the pictures of the website, and then download prompting the input text messages phone wallpaper. This is charge of form

2、User directly to save the right click on the computer, and then use mobile phone to phone data. This is not deducting the expenses.

There are many methods, based on your mobile phone operating system and performance decided:

1、Cellular phone and computer links, the picture you like through the data download into cell phones, must remember that it is downloaded to which folder;

2、If your mobile phone package the flow and mobile phone performance comparison can be directly with good mobile internet search mobile phone wallpaper and will download it to your phone;

3、Through the other people’s cellular phone for you transmit;

4、Through the cameras.

No matter what kind of way, make you want to wall paper to your cell phone store, when you want to find the pictures, open it, press “option” in the menu bar, in a lot of the operating system with the “picture use” or “set to wall paper” this option, click settings can be.

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