Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What wallpapers you need?


Home repair is a great thing, and many people love it. Well, no wonder why: redesign is a great opportunity to make all your fantasies real and finally create a home you were dreaming about. But like everything in this world, how repair has two sides, and facing it’s hard side is sometimes turns into a real headache. Many people get trapped trying to decided what  tile will be the best for the bathroom, what windows manufacturer will provide the best services, what wallpapers will fit child’s room and what carpet will look stylish and be easy to take care of. In this article I’m going to share some rules of buying wallpapers (re-wallpapering is, probably, the most widespread way to re-design room).

Despite its seeming simplicity, buying wallpapers is not that easy thing to do! Wallpapers are like clothes for room, they influence your mood and actually define the whole look of a room.

Some people don’t take the process of buying wallpapers seriously and follow recommendations given by friends or colleagues.

If you are not such person, you can look through some wallpaper reviews at first. Thus you will get some buying tips, find out what stores are better to be avoided and what stores are rally great. Don’t ignore other people’s experience – it can be very useful for you! And now some advice on how one should buy wallpapers.

Pay attention to color. Pastel tones calm down and bright colors stimulate, excite and provide with energy. Remember that large bright pattern can annoy.  Also, take into account size of a room, its location (north, east, south or west), amount of light etc.

Today there are so many wallpapers that making a choice turns into a real torture. The most widespread type is paper wallpapers. This a classic type of wall coverings. According to wallpaper reviews the main disadvantage of such wallpapers is that they are not durable and can’t be washed.

If you are looking for durable material for wall design, consider buying vinyl wallpapers. They are water-resistant and can be washed. Their only disadvantage is bad air permeability.

Flizelin wallpapers are very durable and efficient. Their main disadvantage is that they don’t need to be glued. You have to glue the wall and then put wallpapers on it. Such covering is very easy to take away (besides, old flizelin base can be used next time).

Metallized wallpapers are one of the most expensive coverings. They have smooth one-color surface. Gold, bronze or silver paint is put on it. Usually, such wallpapers have very good sound isolation.

There are also exotic wallpapers made of bamboo, rice paper, seaweed, jute, reed etc. Such coverings are manufactured in china and Japan. Besides amazing design features, such wallpapers are anti-bacterial and have great sound isolation qualities.

Anyway, despite all features, choose wallpapers that make you feel comfortable. And I bet you won’t be sorry!






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