Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Animals? Addiction to PC

The more society develops, the more advanced technology is. Thus, computers nowadays become a vital tool in our daily life and support human in every aspect including design, marketing, or even just for entertainment. However, computers are sometimes not only for human but also for animals that are addicted to the lively motions of computers. Let's enjoy the collection of pictures of animals playing with PC or laptops as follows:


This cat not only knows how to chase the mouse but also uses the laptop professionally


Hey! I am a fan of rock


This dog enjoys taking photos by itself via the Webcam of a laptop


This bird is paying attention to global news on the screen


"I want to become a technician"


A dog may type faster than human???


Whether a tortoise is slow by nature or not???


Be quite! I am concentrating on chatting with my lover


Nothing is impossible


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