Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Perfect Animal Disguises

In the world of nature, animals can be both hunters or predators  and the hunted ones. Whether being carnivores or preys, animals usually disguise themselves by blending into the background  and coloring their skins. Sometimes, animals hide themselves in inanimate objects including flowers, leaves, rocks and sticks. Among animals, chameleons are well-known for the ability to change colors. However, they do not hide themselves but to communicate.


Alex Hyde, the teacher at Biological Photography at the University of Nottingham, has photographed a number of pictures spotted several chameleon creatures. The chameleons are caught at a variety of time and locations, including the garden in Derbyshire, his own garden and even the forest of Madagascar. Let\'s discover the secret world of animal camouflage.


This is a close look of a Malaysian Orchid Mantis well-hidden inside the flower. Alex Hyde said in a surprise, “I found it absolutely staggering to see how these creatures camouflage themselves so effectively.”


A moth stays as a part of birch tree bark in a garden in Derbyshire. The moth sits perfectly camouflaged.

The Platypelis grandis frog stays a well-hidden in the moss. The picture is taken in Masoala Peninsula National Park.


A leaf-tailed gecko perfectly camouflaged in a mossy tree in Masoala Peninsula National Park located in north-east Madagascar. In a forest, life is really awful. Hyde explains “The leaf-tailed gecko perfectly mimics the tree bark on which it hides, not only in color but also in the texture of its skin”.


A Violin Mantis is found excellently camouflage in some dead leaves. Hyde added in his speech, “I hope that my photographs capture the dependence of rainforest creatures on their habitat - these are delicate ecosystems and we need to look after them”.


The sea scorpion looks colorful in black, white and red as the colors of rocks in its living environment. The moment is recorded on the Isle of Skye.



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