Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Animal Photos: Animals Behave Like Human

We often see the images of cats like climbing on high places or dogs like playing with others dogs. They are typical behaviors of animals. However, do you know that sometimes animals behave like human? For example, a dog from China has become an internet sensation for wearing like Superman; a dog from America can’t stop smiling on his birthday; a dog loves riding motorcycles and attending motocross races; a mouse in Australia like catching waves; and a turtle has daily strolls with the owner, etc. These animals are so amazing, aren’t they? Let’s see more animals like them through some animal photos below:

This is the image of the five-year-old husky Ice in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province of China. The pet dog has become an Internet sensation thanks to a series of pictures it dressed as Superman.

A dog wears Superman outfits

A dog named Elliot wears his frog costume at a Halloween party for pug dog owners at Riverside Elementary School in Brainerd, Minnesota, USA

A dog “talks” to another stylish dog that has red punk hairstyle on the street in Changchun, Jilin Province, China

Skidmark the mouse catches a wave on his custom-made mouse surf board at Surfers Paradise in Queensland, Australia.

A surf dog shows his performance during the annual animal competition named “Surf City Surf Dog” at Huntington Beach in California, United States

Riley, the dog couldn’t stop smiling when he enjoyed his birthday cake in San Jose, America. According to the owner of Riley, he always makes faces like this, so we forget he is a dog

Opee, an 8-year-old dog, has been trained by his owner Mike Schelin to ride motorcycles. The dog absolutely loves motocross races. He always rides in front of his owner in these races

Pisco, the surfing alpaca along with his owner Domingo Pianezzi rides a wave at San Bartolo beach in Lima.

An Australian long-necked turtle has a daily stroll with her owner

Alby the 13-year-old owl at Folkestone Owl Rescue Centre, Kent has become a mini-sensation after he discovered how to skateboard. The owl uses the momentum from his flight to push him along



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