Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Professional Wallpaper Installation Tips



Professional wallpaper hangers are few and far between, but there are many high quality wallpapers that require the care and attention to detail that only a professional can provide. These papers include: designer papers, paper backed silk, sisal, faux suede, metallic, bamboo, wide vinyl, seagrass, bespoke art and others. These wall coverings can cost hundreds of pounds per meter, so they require a specialist to be correctly installed, as any mistakes can be very costly. 

In the article we are going to discuss some important factors of the wallpapering process that are often overlooked by wallpaper installers.

Preparation to Walls

Often the preparation of the wall before the wallpaper is applied is neglected.  This stage is crucial when determining how long lasting the wallpaper will be, and also the finish.  Wallpaper can show up imperfections in the wall beneath so these have to be dealt with. 

- Any holes in the wall should be filled and the entire surface should be rubbed down smooth.

- The walls should then be sealed with a PVA glue and water mix.  This should be applied with a brush and roller and is crucial to a long lasting wallpaper finish.

Sealing the walls ensures that moisture in the wallpaper paste is not sucked up by the plaster, reducing the strength of the wallpaper paste.   

- The ceiling paint should then be use to cut in round the ceiling line.  This ensures that any wall paint cannot be seen above the wallpaper line, giving an unwanted border to your wallpaper!

Wallpapering Installation Process

The most common mistake is to dive into the wallpapering. It is essential that wallpaper hanger takes the time to plan the wallpapering process. This reduces the chance of running into any unwanted problems.

Although experience is paramount, the handy tips discussed in the article are important when trying to achieve a real high end wallpapering finish.

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