Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Extremely impressive patchwork pictures

"Patchwork" is photograph of many people or animals. The pictures impress the viewers by angles of taking photos which creates beautiful sceneries. To capture these images, the photographers have to make great efforts to choose the most impressive and beautiful angles. If you see only one picture, you will find it common. However, seeing a series of patchwork images, you will have very different feeling. It looks like there are much more people or animals in that photo. Obviously patchwork pictures make you feel relaxed but a bit dizzy too. Let’s have a look at these most beautiful and impressive pictures below!


Art work from girls wearing red bikinis.


Tables and chairs are arranged in straight order.


Blue duck toys


Yellow little ducks


All swimmers wear red swim caps


Ballet dancers on stage.


What an interesting photo of birds!


Soldiers are marching straight in a line.


A range of black umbrellas.


Too crowded of audience


Cups of coffee are like a maze.


Numerous yellow cars.


What lovely pandas on the street!


A building with the same flat designs.



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