Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In Pictures: Amazing Fashion Disasters of Animals

Sagging skin, flashy colors, sharp spines and the enlarged claw create fashion disasters for animals. Here are animals having the most amazing fashion disasters.


Titicaca Frog

This amphibian gets his giggle-worthy name because of coming from Lake Titicaca, which locates at an altitude of 10,000 feet above sea level in South America. Because this is an area of rarefied air and the biological characteristics of this animal are breathing through the skin to breathe, there is a little challenge for Titicaca frogs. However, a solution for this challenge was found: a more skin solution. This additional skin coat layer forms the outside sag of frogs that can spread over 20 inches wide. The initiative further skin can help frogs better breath in the rarefied and also make them look pretty sloppy and hideous.

Titicaca frog is known for a very large and critically endangered species of frog in the Leptodactylidae family


Male Fiddler Crab

They're characterized by one claw that weighs up to 65 percent of their total body mass. Unexpectedly, the enlarged claw also proves to be quite a hindrance


Bengal Tiger

The white color on their skin is caused by a mutant gene. Although it's not harmful to their health, it makes an impact on their ability to survive because it is difficult to blend with the jungle


Male Guppy

Although sport splashes, spots and stripes in just about every color of the rainbow help male guppy attract the female, the colorful display is also a beacon for predators and certainly, it is very dangerous for these seven-color guppies


Male Deer

The deer ranks the No. 1 spot thanks to its rack of antlers measuring up to 7 feet wide and weigh 80 pounds or more. However, they are also difficult to run away predators because of the risk of locking together


Male Lion

A hairdo of male lion can give a dangerous disaster if this is darker. The reason is that more dark is more attractive for sun, making the lion's body temperature soar and its sperm count plummet


Male Peacock

With a tail measuring 8 feet wide and containing over 200 feathers, the peacock is considered the tacky Vegas showgirl of the animal world and the healthiest species. However, the bluest blue eyes on their tail also have a little trouble when flying.

The bluest blue eyes on their tail



Its coat of 30,000 sharp spines may help protect this kind of rodents from predators, but it becomes a fashion disaster because of doing nothing for its life: fellow porcupines are not immune to the sting of the quills. In fact, the porcupine's own life is in danger by its coat as well.

Porcupines are rodents with a coat of sharp spines that can defend them from predators


Amazing Fashion Disasters of Animals: Titicaca Frog


Amazing Fashion Disasters of Animals: Male Guppy


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