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Best Spectacular Wild Animal Fightings in Pictures

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For wild animals, showing teeth does not mean smiles to the camera and photographers. The only explanation for their exposing teeth is they face up with brutal situation leading to battles for food, dating mate and territory. These fightings are always very intense but it shows how nature occasionally works and indicates the reality of cruel life.


This sparrow rudely shuts the noisy partner's beak up by his tiny talons in Sherz, Switzerland. The hen-pecked bird makes a move that was “too fast for the human eye”. The bizarre fight was captured by Urs Schmidli at the moment these sparrows were flying around his garden.


This is the most incredible food fight of wild animals.


Two birds are fighting in a garden in Canada of British photographer Roy Hancliff.


French photographer Patrick Fagot has captured the battle between two most feared predators in the jungle: a jaguar and a caiman. The battle takes place in the Pantanal region of Brazil.


A flock of starlings are attacking a hungry prairie dog over a nut. A witness said that the comedy food fight lasted five minutes at St Louis Zoo in Missouri, USA. He also told that the prairie dog did not run or turn around.


Two male kangaroos are in boxing match for a female mate at Chester Zoo, England. The fight is captured by photographer Adam Ashton.


Martin Nyfeler shoots the stunning picture showing a clash of crocodile bitting elephant at South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. The female elephant accompany with her baby was drinking at the Luangwa River.


Vole, in such a danger moment hanging on, is brave to confront its hungry predator - prairie wolf. The incredible photo was shot by professional photographer Rob Palmer.


The hungry jackal is bitten by a vulture on the nose when they all want to have some meat. The amazing moment was captured by Johann Grobbelaar in South Africa.


A hawk is battling for a mouse inside the peak of the other fellow. The shoot is taken 30 meters above San Francisco Bay, California, USA.


The amazing picture shows ferocity of two Arctic terns when they are in mid-air food fight. The attacker is trying to snatch a sand eel which is inside the beak of a passing Arctic tern.



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