Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Panda Bear Stuffed Animals

There is no greater feeling as an animal lover when you get to see one of your favorites up close and personal. Such is the case with panda bears; they are simply fascinating, beautiful creatures you wish you could get as close to as possible. Since that's not a reality, panda bear stuffed animals will have to do instead and do they do! Next to the teddy bear, panda bear stuffed animals are some of the most adorable plush toys on the market today.

In the region of Sichuan there are more than 12,000 species of plants and 1,122 species of vertebrates along with more than half of the habitat which is where the giant panda population lives. It has been estimated that at least 60 percent of the panda population was affected in some way due to the 8.0 earthquake on May 12, 2008. In the South Minshan region, a combination of satellite imagery, field observations, and published research was used to determine exactly how much habitat was lost and how much of the population was fragmented. Using comparisons of satellite images from 2007 of forested regions in the area, which are the main vegetation types the pandas use, researchers were able to see what it looked like as compared to images taken following the earthquake and subsequent aftershocks. The results were then combined with the criteria that is needed to deem whether or not a forest is suited for a panda including slope incline, elevation, and the all important presence of bamboo - their main food source. The results revealed were worrisome; some 201 miles (or 23 percent) of the pandas habitat was just bare land after the earthquake took place. What remained of the habitat had turned into pieces of land that were both smaller and scattered about as compared to what it was prior to the earthquake this in itself is as dangerous and harmful to pandas as all out habitat destruction.

With the loss of this percentage of living space, it means that the population once living there estimated to be about 35 individuals could become extinct in the wild as it isolates them from breeding with other pandas. To try and combat this issue, research teams proposed a plan in which the pandas would be encouraged to move between what was now scattered patches of land, by erecting in essence what would become protected corridors. In addition, they made the recommendation that any areas located outside the nature reserves should be protected given the earthquake was responsible for twice the damage there as compared to inside the reserves.

One could argue as to exactly what it is that makes panda's so endearing but there is no doubting the facial features of panda bear stuffed animals are one of the keys to its attraction. That, is followed closely by how its plush black and white fur feels when handled. Either way, the very allure of panda bears and panda bear stuffed animals is what makes these soft toys so timeless. They are one of those plush toys in which children form very close and passionate attachments to, and accompanies them everywhere as well.

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