Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Contemplating beautiful pictures of animals

Most of people like raising a pet as a relaxing way when they come back home. They carefully look after the pets by buying the best food, looking for friends and also preparing the best house for them, even the pet owners like taking beautiful photos for their pet. Naturally, the pets do not refuse the opportunities showing off themselves before cameras. However, not only do the pets like taking photos but animals also like squirrel, bear, elephant, owl, and so on also want to express their style in the zoo. Let’s contemplate the unique photos of animals in last week.


Squirrel flies to the box containing food for birds in Hampshire, England.


White Bear stands up on foot in the iceberg in Svalbard, Norway.


Indian elephants used its heliotrope to throw a lizard into the air in Corbett National Park, India.


Little owl Billy, 16 years old is having a cold bath in the hot weather in Hampshire, England.


African female lion flies to Khwai River in Botswana.


The monkey is eating watermelon in the wildlife park in the province of Shaanxi Qinling, China.


Zebra is fondling her baby at the Zurich zoo, Switzerland.



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