Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Impressive Weekly Animal Pictures: 2 September 2011

Emperor penguin Happy Feet making its way back to Antarctica, lovely image of “Lengua” dog, raccoon Bobo going for a ride and Marwell Wildlife Park's three snow leopard cubs are among the weekly impressive animal picture of 2 September 2011.

The emperor penguin named Happy Feet has been lost to the New Zealand’s Peka Peka Beach on Monday 20th June 2011. Reportedly, he has been traveling approximately 7,000 km and is the first emperor penguin to visit New Zealand in 44 years. He began his travel back to Antarctica last Monday as a research vessel brought him to the point close to his Southern home. He has been named following the animated film "Happy Feet" due to the similar situation.

Happy Feet stands in his container next to Gareth Morgan who funded the penguin's electronic tracking equipment

The overweight dog named Gloria is taking part in the doggy boot camp in Emerald, Victoria, Australia in order to lose some pounds

The man from a Portsmouth family takes the raccoon Bobo for a ride on Portsmouth. The family lives with 20 raccoons

Marwell Wildlife Park's three snow leopard cubs is seen with their mother

Two 13-week-old cheetah cubs are hiding behind wild flowers at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal, Virginia

A wild elephant is rescued by Indian army personnel with a digger when it was trapped in a water reservoir tank at Bengdubi army cantonment area

A street dog, known as “Lengua”, shows his tongue on a pavement in Havana, Cuba

Two two-month-old Sumatran tiger cubs is seen playing in the enclosure in Prague zoo

Caracal cat Peggy sits with females Aziza and Binti and male Mkuze at the Oregon Zoo in Portland, Ore

A baby penguin is helped to come out from its shell because he is apparently too weak

A lesser flamingo tries to drink water in a Hong Kong park

A black and yellow garden spider is making its web in the garden of a home near Oakland, Oregon


Happy Feet the penguin begins swim home


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