Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter has gone so rapidly around the globe, that it has become an ultimate tool to keep in touch with your customers. Twitter is very easy to use and user friendly. You can find new friends with a common interest. You can send direct messages to people, who are following you and you follow too.

Twitter has provided a very useful tool to brand yourself and your company. You can easily customize your backgrounds and text link colors, by going into settings section. By three simple steps, you can have your image changed. Go to settings tab and then click on design tab and then change background image. You have an option to whether tile your background or not. Twitter provides you with lot of template designs.

But its always good to use a custom background. Having a custom background, helps you to make a personalize page. You can put your photograph and brief bio about yourself and your company.

Having a custom background, you can easily empower your brand and make that first best impression. So why go for a template design, when you can have your own personalized custom twitter background. Their are lot of designers, which you can help you with this. Its very affordable and pays for your marketing efforts in the long-term.

Spread your word through twitter today and make more customers. Like thousands of others. Do this before its too late. Take action today! Best of luck with your brand and marketing campaign program.

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