Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Impressive Weekly Animal Pictures: 22 July 2011

Each week, people continue to discover amazing animal pictures and photographers have shot numerous impressive images about lovely animals and their actions that can help you experience different levels of emotional feeling. Let's take a look at the following impressive animal photos of the previous week (22 July 2011).


Washington State University's College of Veterinary Medicine has successfully replaced a tortoise's leg with a wheel. The 12-year-old African spur-thighed tortoise named Gamera was suffering from an infection after a severe thermal injury and tissue damage from an unknown source. His left front leg was then amputated at the shoulder and replaced by a swiveling wheel attached to his shell which is similar to those found on the bottom of office chairs. Reportedly, the tortoise is gaining weight and is thriving with his new appendage.

12-year-old African tortoise Gamera is seen with his new left front leg

A chipmunk seems to be smoking a cigarette in front of lens of holidaymaker Joanne Evans from Manchester on Fuerteventura, Canary Island

A pink-coloured stray cat is discovered wandering around Lanzhou in western China's Gansu Province

Visitors watch a polar bear playing in the cool environment of the underwater Arctic Ring of Life exhibit in Royal Oak, Michigan

Pebbles is the Visayan warty piglet born at the Cotswold Wildlife Park

A cheeky young squirrel is found in the nesting box in Washington. The picture is taken by photographer Christine Haines in his garden in Spokane

A burrowing owl holds the pair of frog's legs on its peak. The picture is taken by photographer Megan Lorenz in Cape Coral, Florida

Fala, a baby snow leopard left by his mother in May, is living in the zoo in Warsaw, Poland

Cesira was adopted to the Squicciarini family from Lecco when she was just two months

A weaver bird is making a net hanging from a tree in Kathmandu, Nepal


African tortoise Gamera with his new wheel


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